Refashion Presents ManneqART Art Display

Refashion Presents ManneqART Art Display

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Monday Oct 23
Tuesday Oct 24

Westfield Montgomery is excited to partner with ManneqArt in promoting Refashion the Future. ManneqART is an international arts and education non-profit that inspires creativity, teaches problem solving skills, and rewards excellence in Sculpture on the Human Form. All items on display were made using recycled materials.

Speak with our Concierge located in the Nordstorm Wing or click HERE to learn more about how you can participate in Refashion the Future.

About the current display: 

  1. Stephanosaurus by Stephanie Joseph: A combination of plastic tubing, raffia, feathers, twisty ties, magazine pages fabric, paper fans, aluminum, pans, bicycle helmet covers, pipe cleaners, wire and tulle make this ‘newly discovered’ sassy bird-like creature
  2. Phoenix by Rhonda Hardesty: A white wedding dress is painted to create a feathered flyer
  3. Read More by Stacy Levy: Book spines, fabric, upcycled ballet costumes and bridesmaid dresses create this nod to children’s literature
  4. Upside Down Tree by Maddy Halbach and Tina Lebaron: Costume created using papier Mache, plastic bags, fabric, and a train that lifts up to create a canopy above the models head
  5. Radiant Autumn by Sharon Garry: Hundreds of coffee filters were hand cut and painted with food dye, a crown made of berries and metallic gold twigs and leaf shapes attached on ribbons to look as they are dancing in the air were all used to create this work of art