KORUS Festival

from September 25 to September 26

The KORUS Festival, one of Greater Washington DC’s premier community events. A celebration of the Korean American way of life, Korean heritage & culture, and the beauty of America’s diversity. The event features modern and traditional music and cultural performances, demonstrations, Korean cuisine, and much more.

The Korean American Association of Washington Metropolitan Area (also known as KAGW) regularly brought together the Korean American community in the local area to celebrate the strong bonds between the Republic of Korea and the United States, which explains the origin of the name, “KOR-US.”

This year, KOR-US Fest will encompass more than just the Korean way of life. Eat food and watch performances from all of our local Asian communities.

This Event will be held outside, in-between the Nordstrom Parking Garage and Former Sears Lot.

Schedule of Events:

Saturday 9.25.2021

11:30 AM            JUB Culture center                           Nanta

11:45 AM            K-District                                         Kpop dance

12 PM                 Washington Gloria harp                     Chromaharp

Susie Thomas Line dance                 Line dance

1 PM                   Glitterpos                                       Kpop dance

Sam, Alfred and Friends                   Indie Pop

2 PM                   Paul Jung Funkout                           Funk and R&B

3 PM                   The Angles                                      Alt. Rock

4PM                    Doc Dikeman Big Band                    Jazz

Gotta Swing                                    Swing dance

5 PM                    VIP                                                Talk

6 PM                    Tiger Den                                       Taekwondo

6:30 PM               Dave Tauler Music group                 Kpop band

7:30 PM               HaeMi Kim, Soprano                       Opera/Trot

8:10 PM               FingerHearts                                  Kpop Dance

Random Dance                               Dance all

9PM                     Ending Message                             Message

Sunday 9.26.2021

10 AM                   Open                                           Music

11 AM                  Announcements

11:30 AM             Back to Zero                                 Pop Blues

1:00 PM               KTAM Demonstration Team            Taekwondo

PRiMARY                                       Kpop dance

Fingerheartz                                 Kpop dance

2 PM                     Washington Korean band             Pop band

3 PM                     Reginald Cyntje group                 Caribbean Jazz

4 PM                     Three Tenors                              Opera/Popera

4:40 PM               Starlight Jazz                               Jazz

5:40 PM               Project Locrea                              World music fusion

6:40 PM               Practically Einstein                        Rock

7:30 PM               Vanity Black                                 Kpop dance

Konnect DMV                                Kpop dance

강강수월래& Kpop                         Dance

Dance All                                     Dance all

8 PM                   Ending message                           Message

Day Date Hours
Saturday 25 Sep 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sunday 26 Sep 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM