Sign Up Now for Boscov's Blood Drive on Oct. 28

Sign Up Now for Boscov's Blood Drive on Oct. 28
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Monday Oct 24
Tuesday Oct 25

The Blood Drive will take place on the Save-a-Life Bus in the Boscov's Parking Lot on Friday, October 28th from 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM. For an appointment, please contact Jessica Lopez at 203-213-9095 or visit the link above (sponsor code JLo305).

Donate blood in honor of Jeshua Josiah Lopez: Jeshua was born June 15, 2010. As an infant, Jeshua was lactose intolerant. At 3 months was diagnosed with asthma.  At 6 months the doctors found out he was deaf and couldn’t speak. He later had croup and several times, pneumonia and often had stomach pain. At 2 years old, Jeshua had surgery to remove his adenoid, tonsils and had tubes in his ears. It was then he was diagnosed with Von Willebrand which causes excessive bleeding. In April 2015, Jeshua was diagnosed with CVID (common variable immunodeficiency). He needs treatment called Immune Globulun that comes from blood donors. This is a substance made from human blood that contains antibodies that protect the body against diseases. Please give blood!