¡Domingos del 26/11 a 07/01 abiertos!
¡Domingos del 26/11 a 07/01 abiertos!

Tiendas, restaurantes, y cine abiertos.

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Westfield La Maquinista has achieved the 4-Star quality seal, a pioneering rating in the sector that shows that we comply with an excellent level of Quality, Service and Customer Service.


The Westfield Experience emphasizes customer comfort during their visit, from start to finish. To achieve this seal of quality, Westfield La Maquinista has passed 600 points, including: having visible access to the center; have parking spaces for all needs (family members, people with reduced mobility, motorcycles, electric cars...); offer comfortable rest areas in various places in the center, access to free WIFI and connection for mobile phones or computers; fully equipped bathrooms, etc.


Services are at the heart of Westfield Experience. There are unique and premium services available to visitors in the context of a shopping center such as free tire inflation for cars, motorcycles and bicycles, an emergency kit offered at Reception in case of need, bottle warmers, shoe-shine, gift-wrapping service, tax-free service at Reception... All practical services can be consulted here.


The wealth of practical and wellness services is perfectly complemented by the Westfield La Maquinista VIP Card programme. All customers who have this card can enjoy free special discounts throughout the year at some Westfield La Maquinista establishments.


Information and communication in today's world are key. Through the web, social networks or free smartphone applications, Westfield La Maquinista is available 24 hours a day. In situ, in addition, the client can enjoy unlimited free WIFI, and if necessary, there is an iPad in Reception for your occasional consultations.


A welcoming attitude to the client is a fundamental part of the Westfield Experience. The staff at Westfield La Maquinista is trained with the aim of being able to answer any questions and contribute to offering a pleasant shopping experience to our customers. The establishments are also closely involved in this initiative, with the aim that the Westfield Experience is palpable within each one of them, both in customer service and in general maintenance.

We invite you to get to know the Westfield Experience of Westfield La Maquinista and above all, to enjoy it!

Westfield La Maquinista is constantly looking for ideas and improvements. If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us at: atencionalclientewestfield@lamaquinista.com