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Sustainable art from Art is Trash💚​

For Westfield Good Festival, Art is Trash created an artistic work🎨 with disposable packaging🥤 that can be found in different establishments with the aim of raising awareness of the current problem❌: Europe consumes more than 2,000 million disposable containers that have a direct impact on the environment ♻️. Through an art performance, he wanted to show the public the problem and the importance of reuse in order to preserve the environment🌍.

📍 You can find the work on display in the Westfield Glòries shopping centre, entering through the cinema.

Fundación Rezero joins this initiative; it promotes a pioneering project in 22@, the area in which the Westfield Glòries shopping center is located and which aims to promote the consumption of take-away food and drink in returnable packaging👌