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Tokey is a service point specialising in express key cutting. Our team is able to copy most keys available on the market, both domestic and foreign. In addition to this, we offer services such as replacing watch batteries and straps, shoe repair, printing and stamp making. The latter normally takes only about 20 minutes. With our laser plotter we also provide engraving services. A dog tag with your name and phone number in case your pet gets lost? We'll get it done for you, not a problem!In addition, we stock a wide range of shoe care products, insoles and shoelaces. At Tokey you will also find rare battery types, door inserts, key and combination padlocks, key rings and other locksmith products.If you are looking for a gift idea, we have a wide range of survival products to offer, from knives of all types, to flints, compasses, multitools, torches, shovels, and knife sharpeners.

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