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Make-up Art Cosmetics (M-A-C) was founded in Toronto by make-up artist and photographer Frank Toskan and beauty showroom owner Frank Angelo, who decided to create a new line of make-up products. Their first clients were other make-up artists, models of both sexes, photographers and then stylists and editors. Today, M-A-C Cosmetics is seen as one of the most revolutionary and influential brands in the global cosmetics industry. Thanks to their wide profile, M-A-C make-up artists work behind the scenes of international fashion shows. The brand's creed is: Every Race, Every Gender, Every Age, and reflects its admiration for individuality, artistry and personality. The brand also stands out in terms of customer service. In M-A-C shops, make-up artists, whose skills are constantly being developed through professional, regular training, can help. Welcome to the showroom!

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