Since its opening, Galeria Wileńska has been involved in district activities and is open to the needs of its inhabitants. Galeria’s active involvement in Praga’s affairs is a manifestation of the mall’s engagement in a number of integrated activities organized for years on the right bank of the Vistula River.

Thanks to regular co-operation with the Praga-Północ District Office and other partners from the district, Galeria Wileńska has been participating in local events such as Noc Pragi (the Praga Night), Jarmark Floriański (the Florian Fair), Praskie Lato (Praga Summer) and many other projects. Galeria’s active involvement in Praga’s life is now a tradition and a manifestation of the mall’s engagement in a number of integrated activities organized for years on the right bank of the Vistula River.

Praga is one of the most unique and mysterious places in Warsaw with a very special atmosphere. Its history and tradition stand out significantly compared to other districts of the capital city. Therefore its unique nature is promoted and cultivated by a large number of Praga-based artists, activists and organizations along with commercial institutions. Galeria Wileńska has been engaged in fostering the district’s initiatives for some time now. Attractive events, competitions with awards and cultural events are aimed to instill passion for the district, its culture and unique nature among the district’s inhabitants. Due to its location, Galeria Wileńska feels obliged and is honored to be a communication platform combining a commercial, cultural and educational role.

Moreover, three times a year Galeria issues its own magazine, Magazyn Wileńska, that features topics ranging from style and fashion to the Warsaw Praga district events. The idea of the periodical is to build a lasting relation with the inhabitants and lovers of the right bank of the Vistula River. Magazyn Wileńska’s role is to publicize events important to the district and introduce Galeria Wileńska to the inhabitants from the neighborhood and tourists.


Q Zmianom is a Praga-based Association for the Development and Assistance, which since 2004, has been supporting processes related to education and personal growth of children, youth and adults and focusing its activities on equalizing educational opportunities of people with different socio-economic status. The Association teams up with numerous institutions and partners from all over the Mazovian Voivodeship and other regions, and has reached over 15,400 people with its activities. Regular programs implemented in the Praga-Północ district by Q Zmianom include, for example, group activities dedicated to children and youth: “Klub Ambitnego Gimnazjalisty”, “BAZA – Baza Akcji Zintegrowanej Animacji” and “Tu Praga Waw Pl”, as well as an individual mentoring program supporting students (“Program Mentoringu”).

For two years Galeria Wileńska and Q Zmianom have been implementing a program of free educational workshops for small children held at Galeria every few weeks. Their cyclical and open nature and interesting topics made them a regular item on a calendar of the events in Praga and helped win regular customers, including fans and participants. Their purpose is good fun and teaching children about ecology, science and culture.

Information on planned events co-organized with Q Zmianom Association is available on our Facebook profile and in the Aktualności (What’s new) section.

More detailed information regarding the Q Zmianom Association is available at: www.qzmianom.org.