Tunnel Werkzaamheden

Tussen 4 februari en 18 mei worden op werkdagen werkzaamheden uitgevoerd aan de tunnels van de N14 door Rijkswaterstaat. Dit kan tot vertragingen leiden. Informatie over omleidingen vind je hier en actuele verkeersinformatie vind je hier.

At Steppin' Out, we care little for ephemeral phenomenons like fashion. Here, we have a style. A style defined by true classics: iconic brands and signature pieces with a story. Classics that have seen connoisseurs and enthusiasts return to us year after year, rediscovering past highlights time and time again. We play a major role in the discovery process, because we’ve got plenty of stories to tell. Now, style evolves, of course, and we keep up with the times, but - like our customers - we refuse to be led by fashion trends. We make sure our collection evolves and are inspired by new influences. That’s also why we make our own collections! We’re always seeking to create new surprises, without losing ourselves.

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