Tunnel Werkzaamheden

Tussen 4 februari en 18 mei worden op werkdagen werkzaamheden uitgevoerd aan de tunnels van de N14 door Rijkswaterstaat. Dit kan tot vertragingen leiden. Informatie over omleidingen vind je hier en actuele verkeersinformatie vind je hier.

Prénatal Boutique

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A new life: there’s nothing more beautiful and vulnerable. And that’s what inspires Prénatal to be the place where all future parents can go with all their questions, needs and wishes, day in, day out.

In our Prénatal Boutique, you’ll find everything from the cutest products to true essentials. From fashionable baby and maternity fashion by our own Prénatal label to various beautiful brands. Apart from fashion, we also carry a wide range of toys, babycare products such as bottles, pacifiers and bath and bed items.

Regardless of your reason for visiting our Prénatal Boutique, we know you’ll find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a maternity gift for your best friend who has just given birth, shopping for the 'first outfit' together with your mother, or need expert advice on a bottle as a dad-to-be; we’re here for you.

At Prénatal, you’ll find everything you need at the best price, and we offer 24/7 service and advice. Prénatal makes parenting and shopping easier, more fun and more comfortable.

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