The Médiathèque de la Canopée La Fontaine (media library)

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From 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

The Médiathèque de la Canopée la Fontaine boasts a floor area of 1500 m² with three public areas:
- The ‘3Cs’ space: conviviality-creativity-connectedness
This space, which has a floor area of 375 m², is used for events, workshops and the reception. It offers a friendly welcoming space where friends and families can sit down for a cold drink. This first area of the library also boasts a manga cafe. It can be used for screenings, debates and live shows. It provides a forum for multiple, multimodal cultural practices which often do not fit within the ‘traditional’ purview of a library.
- The ‘Côté jardin’ (Stage Right) space
This area is ideal for sitting down to read newspapers and books in peace and quiet. This tranquil area has a floor space of 380 m² and a huge glazed window with panoramic views over the Church of Saint-Eustache and Nelson Mandela Garden. Most of the collections can be accessed from here and there is plenty of comfortable seating. The public can access most of the collections: newspapers, adult printed material (comics, fiction and documentary) and young people's printed material (documentary).
- The ‘Espace imaginaire’ (Imaginary Space)
This children's area of 135 m² houses most of the collections for young people and is ideal for reading alone or with your family. It can also be used for screenings, visiting school groups and storytelling. Some are bilingual in French and French sign language. In addition, there are outdoor activities.

This institution contains 37,500 works available for public consultation including: 11,500 documents in all media for children, 6000 mainly contemporary novels for adults, 4000 documentary works largely about leisure, everyday life and the contemporary world, 7000 comics and mangas, 3000 documents in the specialist ‘urban cultures’ collection, 600 documents in the specialist ‘digital cultures’collection, 2500 SF/fantasy novels, 1700 novels in foreign languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese).

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