From 14 May to 17 June

As part of the 14th edition of the Paris Centre Festival of Cultural Diversity, Chloé Kelly Miller, the versatile artist (painting, sculpture, photography, drawing) is offering a reflection on diversity with her exhibition ‘Sublimation’ at the Carrousel du Louvre.

A unique immersion from 14 May to 17 June 2024, inviting visitors to open dialogue and expand their minds. The exhibition creates an opportunity to celebrate the many forms of culture, from those involved in creation to the diversity of cultural expressions.

Eleven monumental double-sided paintings by Chloé Kelly Miller are presented in the allée du Rivoli, in the Place de la Pyramide Inversée. Each work has been specially designed for a suspended installation along the aisles of the Carrousel du Louvre, passionately crafted on canvas using acrylic paint.

Enriched by a quotation on the reverse, with poems in eleven different languages, written exclusively by women from different cultures and countries, offering an unprecedented fusion of visual and literary expression.

The installation encourages encounters and stimulates reflection through the art of painting and the objects that go with it, such as tools, techniques and colours.

By encouraging dialogue and seeking to unite different nationalities around the exhibition and its theme, Chloé Kelly Miller is facilitating the emergence of a shared cultural bond within her ephemeral space, the Carrousel du Louvre.