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Foot Locker caters for the whole family's sporting needs

With its numerous stores in France and throughout the world, Foot Locker caters for all tastes through its extensive selection of trainers, sports wear and accessories. Like the company's many other outlets, the Foot Locker store at Aéroville shopping centre stocks all the latest products from the biggest brands. Adidas, DC Shoes, New Balance, Nike, Lacoste, Puma and Converse can all be found at Foot Locker. It provides trainers for running and for indoor sports, high-tops and skate shoes.

Foot Locker – Aéroville: shoes designed for all sports, season after season

All year round, the Foot Locker store at Aéroville shopping centre offers ever more technologically advanced and comfortable new arrivals. Trousers, T-shirts and jackets, as well as sports accessories, baseball caps and bags that are ideal for all sports, both summer and winter. Foot Locker's sales teams are on-hand to provide in-store advice. They are true professionals who will advise you on the characteristics of the various shoes and clothing items in stock. Foot Locker products help men, women and children to enjoy sport in full confidence.


Kids Foot Locker offers trainers for children of all ages

Kids Foot Locker stores cater for children who want top branded sportswear and shoes. The Kids Foot Locker store in Aéroville shopping centre stocks brands including Jordan, Asics, Puma, New Era, Reebok and Adidas. Girls and boys will find all their favourite shoes - a wide range of trainers as well as boots and sandals. It stocks all sizes and a wide range of colours.

Kids Foot Locker  – Aéroville: clothes and shoes that they will enjoy wearing
You will find all the top sports brands at the FOOT LOCKER KIDS store in Aéroville shopping centre. Boys and girls will find all their favourite sportswear knowing that it is comfortable and on-trend. Hoodies, trousers, t-shirts, and coats for all sporting activities and also the latest collections of urban streetwear. KIDS FOOT LOCKER sales staff are happy to show customers the right clothes and shoes for each sport, depending of course on the age of the child.

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