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Theragun is a health and wellness company that believes when your body is uninhibited and tension free, you have the freedom to live the greatest life imaginable. With over a decade dedicated to the breakthrough science of percussive therapy, Theragun is home to the original handheld, battery-operated, professional-grade percussive therapy device.

Theragun Reset was created to be an oasis where anyone in LA can treat their bodies and feel rejuvenated and relaxed in minutes. Whether you want to try out a Theragun for yourself, have a guided session, or book a Relaxation Experience, this is a way to feel the difference with Theragun Percussive Therapy’s whole-body benefits. Their first-ever brick and mortar location operates twofold: as both the brand’s first retail shop and as a service offering paid appointments for 15-minute full-body Relaxation Experiences.


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