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Sugar Factory

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America’s favorite eatery and confectionary shop, Sugar Factory American Brasserie, brings its whimsical “Candyland” appeal to more than 24 locations worldwide. From LA to Dubai, its internationally recognized celebrity couture pops, smoking candy cocktails and signature over-the-top desserts continue to amaze guests at each location. Originally founded in Las Vegas, the first Sugar Factory retail and café location became an immediate success among celebrities with the world-famous Couture Pops, a sparkly lollipop that serves as a fashionable accessory. Within two years, three additional locations opened in Las Vegas including the first American Brasserie at Paris Las Vegas featuring an extensive menu of American-French cuisine in addition to over-the-top desserts and candy-infused cocktails. Following the popular Couture Pops along with the picture-worthy dishes and treats, the Sugar Factory brand flourished into an international franchise in less than five years.

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