The URW Connect App

Thank you for downloading Westfield Brandon’s communication app, URW Connect. If you do not have the app download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. This app is the key to communication with Westfield Brandon, this includes emergency communication, memos, the tenant handbook, staff discounts, event information, before & after hours requests, sales reporting, and marketing information.

And the most important part: Please ensure your notifications are turned on under your phone setting, so you are receiving alerts.

Please encourage all your team members to have access. If you have any questions or comments please use the “Get in Touch” button on the dashboard.

Emergency Notifications

This section of the app is read only. Emergency communications will be sent here as it relates to:

Inclement weather notices

Emergency notifications

Fire alarm/evacuations

Get In Touch

This section of the app allows for two-way communication between the center management team & retailers. Easily contact key mall management departments with general questions or needs:

NOTE: Use the Store Access Request or Report a Leak Buttons for those specific requests

Memos from Management

This section of the app is read only.

Non-emergency center communication from Westfield Brandon will be sent here.

Store Access Requests

Submit a request for early/late access.

Click on the blue bar at the top to submit your request.

If you require access for deliveries, store inventory, store maintenance etc., after hours please use this section to submit your request. For the safety and security of all employees, we ask that you submit the AFTER HOURS PERMIT request at least 48 hours prior to the date requested. Requests submitted less than 48 hours before the activity may not be approved and are subject to the discretion of the Security Supervisor on Duty.

Ensure to select your start & end time. List your contractor details (if applicable). Insurance must be on file.

Once submitted, you will receive a return notification that your request is approved.

Report A Leak

Submit a roof leak request to Center Management.

Center Information

This section of the app is read only.

The Tenant Handbook

Important Contacts

Delivery Information

Employee Parking

Trash & Cardboard Removal

How To Use This App

Events & Marketing

View a list of:

Event Calendar: This section allows you to see a list of center marketing activities, along with details on each. Store events will also appear here if submitted using the 'Submit Marketing Requests' button.

Submit Marketing Requests: Only people assigned as a store manager can submit requests for marketing support. All requests will be approved by mall management before appearing on the app. Use the appropriate button to: Submit a Digital Request, Add an Event to the App Calendar, Add a Job Opening to the App, or Add a Staff Discount to the App.

Center Marketing Opportunities: This section provides an overview of marketing opportunities available to retailers.

Staff Discounts: View list of staff discounts available to mall employees.

Job Openings: View list of job openings available at the center

Westfield Brandon Website

Westfield Brandon Facebook Page

Westfield Brandon Instagram Page

Store Admin

This section is for store managers only regarding key information for your store, if applicable

Manage employee access to app

Store Emergency Contact

Sales Reporting


Restaurant Routine Reporting

Recruiting Tools

Scroll down for further details and step-by-step Store Admin instructions.


There is a manager level and a staff level. If you have the “Store Adm” button visible, you are listed as a Store Manager within your team. Managers can use their own discretion to choose which team member falls under what category. The difference between the two is the staff level does not have access to certain functionality, sensitive memos and confidential information.

New managers must sign-up & be verified by mall management by contacting Kate Woolridge.

Staff Management – Add/Delete Employees

This section needs to be updated regularly as new employees start or leave.

Staff members will need to download the URW Connect App, create an account, and request access. As part of this process, a manager level team member from within your store, must approve these requests.

Click on the gray pencil icon next to each employee name to verify, block, adjust staff level, etc.

In the top red section, filter your view to see approve/blocked/staff levels.

Visual aids area available in the Tenant Handbook under Center Management.

Store Emergency Contacts

This section requires ongoing updates and will list store managers, keyholders, & emergency contacts. The information is populated from the Staff Management button. It’s important to have emergency contacts updated regularly.

Sales Reporting


Enter whole numbers only (no pennies).

Monthly Sales and Comment fields are mandatory. Please try to write meaningful comments so we have some context for your sales figures. Which product category is performing best? Who is your shopper demographic? Have either of these changed post-Covid? What else do you think we should know?

If your lease requires you to submit using various categories (such as Other, ATM, Liquor, Single Item - Large Amount, etc.), simply click Yes in response to that question and additional input fields will appear.

We’d appreciate any additional, non-mandatory, information you’d be willing to share, so we can work to support you through our own marketing efforts.

You can report your sales through the app or send to


Enter whole numbers only (no pennies).

No mandatory fields.

You have an option to enter late or revised sales for 12 months. Simply enter sales in the correct month(s) in the form.

At the bottom of each form, you’ll find a green Submit button. Once you click that button and your data disappears from the form, your sales have been submitted. If you need to change your sales, simply fill out the form again and click Submit.


This section shows a list of citations issued for non-compliance with your lease terms. Action must be taken immediately to avoid a fine or default of your lease.

Restaurant Routine Reporting

This section is available only to those who need it for submitting Restaurant Routine Maintenance Receipts.

Recruitment Tools

Westfield has provided information for retailers to connect with an industry recruiting agency, Vitae USA, to help fill vacancies. This is a fee based recruiting agency available for retailers to utilize.