Exquisite Form Fully Womens Long Line Lace Posture Bra #5107565, Size: 40B, Rose Beige

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Choose This Lace Posture Bra from Exquisite Form For Added Support And Elegance If you're looking for a bra that supports full figures and boosts your curvy appeal, look no further than an Exquisite F
orm women's long line lace posture bra . Age and the uneven weight distribution of a full figure can damage your posture and cause back problems over time. Many bras can offer the support but are cumbersome to wear and not exactly flattering. Exquisite Form designed this bra as a cross between a camisole and a corset to overcome these concerns. This Lace Posture Bra is crafted to provide support and convenience without sacrificing your femininity. It features front closure hooks in the style of a traditional corset and lovely lace panels on the front add a soft touch. As a long-line bra, this selection will improve your posture. Full-coverage cups have an underwire for additional support. The comfort bands have been widened to reduce irritation and chafing. This supportive bra will help push any extra curves down where they belong and strengthen the appeal of your figure. Size: 40B. Color: Rose Beige. Gender: Female. Age Group: Adult.