Sentimental Necklaces Launch

Sentimental Necklaces Launch at Westfield Century City

Day Date Time
Friday Jan 18
Saturday Jan 19

Maje’s sentimental pendants echo the company’s 20th anniversary values - love, friendship and family. Poetically inspired by sailors’ tattoos from the 1950s who etched keepsakes of their loved ones on their skin during long sea voyages, these necklaces are a statement and a testimony of all that is precious to us. These loving gifts express all the affection and goodwill we have for our beloved, and our nearest and dearest. The collection of nine pendant necklaces, gold-plated or studded with Swarovski rhinestones, with a French sentiment is truly precious thanks to its symbolism and unique design that epitomises subtlety and finesse. The medals, gold-plated or studded with Swarovski rhinestones, are available at the end of December in all Maje stores or on for a limited time for $120.

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