Velochi Smarte Carte Strollers

Velochi(SM) Tablet Strollers by Smarte Carte

Westfield Brandon is excited to introduce the new Velochi(SM) Tablet Strollers by Smarte Carte!  The Velochi stroller combines sleek, attractive style with functionality and tablet entertainment for children to enhance your shopping experiences and they are only $8.00 for the orange single-screen stroller and $10.00 for the green double-screen stroller for the whole day. You even get $1.00 refund when you return the stroller. 

Key features of Velochi strollers:

  • Sleek, modern design that fits with the aesthetic of your centers
  • Embedded tablets with apps and games for children – one tablet in the “single” model and two tablets in the “double” model.
  • A parcel tray for parent’s packages.
  • “Antler” handles to hang packages and for taller parents to push the stroller.
  • Comfortable hammock style seating for children.
  • Cup holders to handle any size drink, including juice boxes.
  • Soft, easy-roll wheels to provide a smooth ride with easy turning and maneuverability.

You'll find a self-service Smarte Carte located here:

  • West Wing near Books-A-Million (Orange single-screen strollers & Green double-screen strollers) 
  • East Entrance near Kay Jewelers (Orange single-screen strollers)

Payment Methods: cards/cash

Refund requests are processed via Smarte Carte's website. Must have cart unit # for processing refund. 

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