ArcLight Cinemas


ArcLight Cinemas

ArcLight Cinemas

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11:00 am – 7:00 pm


Level 3


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ArcLight is more than a place to see a movie, it is an experience. Since 2002, their mission has been to create the best movie-going environment possible, through careful thought, design and attention to detail. Featuring Reserved Seating, Unique Programing and Fewer Disruptions.

Deals and Offers

FREE Popcorn with Membership Purchase

July 1 - 31: Purchase the ArcLight Cinemas Membership in July and receive FREE popcorn plus:

  • $1 OFF online ticket purchases
  • Earn points towards FREE tickets and concessions
  • Receive two FREE ArcLight Presents tickets
  • Only $15 per year!

For more information about membership,ask the ArcLight crew or please visit the link below.

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