Cinnabon at Oakridge

Stores at Oakridge
  • 10160
    • Location

    • Level: 1
    • Store: 1115
    • Phone: (408) 365-1261
    • Website: Visit Cinnabon online
    • Westfield Gift Cards Accepted
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    Level 1, Store 1115 Located between Old Navy and Macy's.

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  • About Cinnabon

    Cinnabon is the world-wide leader in the cinnamon roll bakery category. Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1985. Cinnabon bakeries have built a reputation for serving fresh, aromatic cinnamon rolls made with premium Indonesian cinnamon and topped with a sweet, rich, cream cheese-based frosting. Each Cinnabon product is served hot out of the oven and baked fresh before our guest's eyes.

Westfield Oakridge

Westfield Oakridge
  • 925 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose
  • CA 95123-1294
  • Phone: (408) 578 2912