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    Brighton Collectibles
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    Level 1, Store M17 Located East of Macy's, ample parking is available on the West side of the center accessed off Golf or Old Orchard Road. The Green Parking Deck adjacent to Macy's provides plenty of parking.

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  • About Brighton Collectibles

    Brighton is known for designing products with a message. Many of the items in the collection have a defining detail that gives them special meaning. Whether it is love notes engraved on a bracelet or a handbag adorned with a treasured photo, Brighton products help create lasting memories.

Westfield Old Orchard

Westfield Old Orchard
  • 4905 Old Orchard Center (Skokie Blvd. & Old Orchard Rd.), Skokie
  • IL 60077
  • Phone: (847) 673 6800